butterbeerbottleThis Butterbeer label is one of our free downloads. If you are having a Harry Potter themed party and want to customize your beverage bottles, this one looks fabulous on brown bottles. Or of course, you can have an exmpty ol’ butterbeer bottle “laying around” in your child’s theme room. We used the Jack’s PumpkinSpice Ale bottle for our bottle, the neck band will fit that bottle exactly. You may have to play a bit with the neck, depending on what bottles you are using.

You might be wondering at the gargoyle image on our labels. Well, if you are paying attention to both the books and the films, you should notice the castle has many gargoyles and therefore we wanted to use a gargoyle to grace our labels. It’s not an image from the films, it’s an image available for purchase from Jaguar Woman. She’s a fantastic artist and sells many digital images that fit nicely into Harry Potter theme art. See our links to visit her site.

There are label removing products on the market to help you remove the old lables off your bottles, but you can always soak your bottles in water to get the labels softened and then just scrub off anything that doesn’t easily peel. A bit of work if you are doing a lot of bottles, but the final look is terrific.

We glued our labels on using scrapbook glue from a local store. You want something that dries quickly, but not instantly, so you can move the label around a bit to get it into position.

If you are making your own Butterbeer from recipies online, and not purchasing a pre-made product, you may want to find a local restaurant or bar that is willing to give you empty bottles and tops. The tops are a bit more tricky. But if you sweet talk a bar tender, he might be willing to put a mug aside and toss tops in for a night or two to help you collect enough for your party. They get a bit bent coming off, so you have to be good with your pliars to work them back into proper shape and put them on the bottles.

If you are serving alcoholic beverages at your party, please be responsible and alert your guests to the actual content of the brew, our labels do not specify alcohol content.



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